Disclaimers, Disclosures, Terms, and Privacy Policy

The Warm-and-Fuzzy Version:

Book Cover Junction is the pride and joy of Shawn Hansen.  She built and maintains the Site to serve others who have a need for great graphics.  Her goal is to keep the great graphics coming, serve her members, and make some money.

Yes, she does want to make money: This is part of her business, after all!

Shawn’s goal is to provide you (and other visitors and members) with the best products, services, and information she can.  However, she is not (nor does she strive to be) perfect.

Shawn thinks the eCovers, Pinnables, and Web Site Graphics she provides are of the highest quality and pretty doggone nice; however, she can’t guarantee any level of success, income, or fame to those who use them.

Shawn hates people who infringe on copyright and fair-use laws.  All of the graphics used in her designs were obtained legally – unless one of her sources lied to her.  If you see one of your designs here, and you think it was obtained fraudulently, please contact Support.

If you share information with Book Cover Junction (e.g. Name, e-Mail, Web Site, Contact Details), it’s not going anyplace else.  Shawn hates spammers, junk-mail, and people who sell or give such information away.  They are nefarious and poopy.  She is neither.

For questions about this Site or its content, please contact Support.

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo:

Privacy Policy

Book Cover Junction maintains one or more e-mail lists.  We use these to alert you to new content and uploads, to provide how-to and usage guides, and to market to you.  If you subscribe to any of our lists, you provide us with your e-mail address and name. We use this information to send our e-mails. We do not sell or share this information with anyone else.

Affiliate Disclosure

Book Cover Junction may make recommendations for various products and/or services, and the link provided is often an affiliate link.  If you act on our recommendations we may make a profit; however, you will never pay more.

Information Disclaimer

The information and products on Book Cover Junction and in the Members’ Area are for informational purposes only.  We are not responsible for any successes or failures / profits or losses that may occur as a result of the information, products, or services provided here.

Earnings Disclaimer

Book Cover Junction has made every effort to accurately represent the value of its eCovers, Pinnables, and Web Site Graphics.  We make no guarantee that you will earn money by using any or all of them.


Book Cover Junction is not responsible for sizing, resizing, uploading, or otherwise manipulating any eCover, Pinnable, or Web Graphic beyond the customizations promised in your membership agreement. Should any publisher, distributor, social media site, or similar entity change its policies, specifications, or guidelines, Book Cover Junction will do its best to update its content accordingly; however, retroactive changes are not guaranteed and are at the sole discretion of Book Cover Junction.

Book Cover Junction reserves the right to update, augment, change, and otherwise alter the Membership & Use Agreement as needed and without warning. The most current version of the Membership & Use Agreement will be on the Site.


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